December 18, 2011

Shimano Elf C2000S

Finally I have opened the box that just came in from Cloud Nine Tackle Japan.
I already own the Shimano Elf 2500 and I have decided to go ahead and pick the C2000S for my ultralight setup. I am going to make a combo with the Nissin Atlas rod I have purchased some time ago.
The reel has a compact body, hence the designation C, and comes with a shallow spool (S stands for shallow). The reason I went with a shallow spool is that I am planning on using a very thin 0.6 PE braid and this spool allows me to put 150m of it with no problems. A deeper regular spool would need an extra nylon backing to fill the spool,which I find rather annoying. 
The reel is 215g. which will balance perfectly with my 7.4ft rod.
At the price range of 6000 YEN is a very satisfying reel. 
I will review the reel once I'll add the braid and go catching some horse mackerel.
Shimano Elf C2000S

You can check more about the Elf in my recent post or go directly to Shimano's page 

The Spec for the C200S reel is as follows:

Weight : 215g.
Spool Capacity: 0.6PE 150m / 0.8PE 110m / 1.0PE 80m
Cm per handle turn: 66cm
Gear Ratio: 5.0
Max Drag: 3kg.

Enjoy the pics below:

Brilliant orange trim.

S stands for Shallow Spool

C stands for Compact body.

The reel is made in Malasya.

AR-C Spool

Another detail of the Shallow Spool.

Detail of the drag. Less-More Dial.

The Elf comes with a cool looking machined handle. Nice touch.


Thien Vu said...

Hmm can you make a post/comment about the durability of the Elf? Thinking about buying one myself. I really don't want to be spending on something that wont last long. I wash all my reels after use.

RC fishing said...

I used only 8 times so far. It is still as smooth as the first day. I have many reel so I switch from reel to reel very often. For the price is really a good reel.

niguevara_nikola said...

Hi! I have just received my ELF C2000S and it looks great. I have also ordered YGK 3-strand braid diameter 0.5. Can you tell me how did you spool up your C2000S? Did you use some backing tape to prevent braid slipping or you put the braid on bare metal of the spool? Thanks!

RC fishing said...

You can make a arbor or uni knot and place a small piece of tape on it. It will avoid slipping. Sometimes I use 0.12 mono backing (just 1-2 meters) and make a uni to uni connection.

niguevara_nikola said...

Thanks for reply!