November 13, 2011

Atlas LG Ajing Rod by NISSIN

Lately I read and find more info about ultralight lure fishing. Casting lures of 3-4 grams and catching rockfish or small predators is becoming more and more common. The fun is there, and if you look at my previous post about the blog of my friend in Spain (Rock Fishing Spain), you will understand why.
To start this type of fishing I searched around for a ultralight rod that would be great as a starter rod and that would not cost a lot. After extensive researches I found this interesting rod on PLAT. The rod is made by Nissin, a respectable Japanese company known more for other types of rods rather than lure fishing. Before getting this rod I asked some feedback to PLAT (always helpful) and also checked their online catalog. After getting  good feedback and given the reasonable cost of about 80USD. I just bought it.

The Rod is a 7.4ft (220cm) 0.6-8gr. fast action rod designed for targeting aji (horse mackarel). It gives its best with small soft baits with1.5-2.5 gr. jigheads. Also it handles small spoons and minnows in the 4-6 gr. range.

I have fished it only once with a 1000 shimano reel (gives a good balance) spooled with 0.14 nylon.
 It was just a rod test so it is too early to give a final judgement to the rod, but I found it very sensible and fun to fish with. I hooked two small sized garfishes, which are plenty in the Mediterran sea right now. The rod is so sensible and light that I could feel - despite using nylon line - every attack on the soft lures. The fun of ultralight rods is that even a garfish of 200 gr. feels like a 2 kg. seabass. The bent on the rod and the light line is a blast to feel. I feel comfortable with the Atlas LG  and I think the rod can handle bigger size fishes easily. I am planning to use it again, with some PE line, and target some rockfish and breams. 

As for the rod. You can see the pictures. Fujı Reel seat, Fuji aluminum oxide guides, quality EVA grip, metallic red trims and a nice looking blank. Definitely can feel the JDM touch as usual. 

I will write a better review once I take it out again to catch some fish.  This was just a intro. 

My rod is the Atlas LG 704M.  The lineup includes a 7.8ft version both L and M (L stands for light and M for medium). Below you can see the details.
Details of the rod from Nissin's catalog.

Detail of the rear grip. The winding check and butt ring is, again, metallic red.

Detail of the blank. Atlas LG.

Nissin Japan

The rod features Fuji "O" Aluminum Oxide guides.

Detail of the small Fuji guide concept guide.

Spigot Joint.


from Holland said...

I am also thinking about buying this rod. Did you already catch some bigger fish on it? I'm curious what the biggest fish is it would handle, never fished such a light rod before!

Thank you in advance!

RC fishing said...

Hello there!
I cannot tell how it handles big fishes. For now I have caught only small fishes like garfish and a rock fish. I have friends that catch medium sized 1 - 2 kg. seabass on ultralight rods but they are other brands so I cannot compare. The only thing for sure is that even a small fish feels like a 2 lb fish on this rods :) The price of the rod is good. Another alternative is the Solpara Ultralight series made by Major Craft.

Mike Sullivan said...

Excellent review there missing name beautiful rods they should handle much bigger fushvtgan you would expect too

Tight lines

RC fishing said...

Thank you Mike. I hope I can catch something big soon :)