November 1, 2011

My New Toy: Shimano Elf 2500

I got another package from Plat Japan (a very good online store that I'll review pretty soon on my blog) This time it is a nice reel from Shimano.

The Shimano Elf

Official photo from Shimano Japan website.
The Elf is a low-medium end reel in the Shimano range. It used to be a complete blue reel but it received a major design change at the beginning of 2011. The reel looks even better now. The features are good, I would say just above the average Shimano reels and just below the mid-high end reels. It is a JDM reel, so it is not available in Europe nor US. If we had to compare the reels I would say that is similar to the European Technium model or the Saros in the US. It is a notch below to the Stradic (both Euro and US)

The color scheme is what really sold me. The dark titanium like finish together with the nice metallic orange accents does really give the reel a nice and more expensive look. I still have to try it (of course) but at first glance and after a couple of handle turns I can say that it is smooth as butter and it feels solid. The cost for the 2500 is 8000 YEN (approx 105 USD) so it is a good offer for the money. I will write a better review once I spool it and give it a try. I think it will match my 7 ft. kayak rod :)
Nice plain, cool packaging. The 2500 is on my desk :)

Detail of the Spool. Notice the very nice metallic orange. A real eye catcher.

Some details and features of the reel:

It comes in several sizes. From 1000 (aji fishing/trout) all the way to size 5000 (medium-heavy salt). It has variations like shallow spool models and double handle.


The Elf features rust resistant bearing making it resistant for saltwater use.


The reel can be washed in the shower. It is not waterproof but it is water resistant.


The AR-C spool has a special shape that allows better and longer casts and is easy on braid lines


The line lays on the spool evenly and better and . Especially useful for braid lines. It reduces friction and allows better casts.


This nice feature allows a direct lubrication of the reel without having to take it apart.


If you like orange. This reel is for you. Details of the micro adjustable drag knob.

Detail of the spool. AR-C SPOOL.
Notice the "Maintenance Port". Common in mid level reels.
Made in Malaysia. 


Anonymous said...

It looks great, however are you sure it is a metal body? To me it looks like graphite, and on the entire internet I can't find a site telling it is e metal body.

RC fishing said...

Actually You might be right. It looked like metal to me but I may be wrong. Definitely doesn't feel like a cheap plastic body as seen on some daiwa reels.
I was told by a friend that it was metal. I will double check it and edit my post accordingly. Thanks for your comment. Even if it not metal it is a nice reel that I enjoy a lot. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your fast post

Metal or no metal, you will enjoy it anyway! I've used an Exage from Shimano, 60 euro graphite reel, but it is so sturdy! Shimano makes great quality products.