November 30, 2011

Nice to meet you DUO!

Finally, I got my hands on an handful of DUO Lures. I have to admit that I was very excited while opening the package I got from Japan. I have heard and read a lot about these lures over the internet and finally having the opportunity to hold them on my hands was big for me.

Well, I don't know where to start. They all look great. Even the packages are good looking. As a marketing guy myself I know something about good package design and these from DUO certainly are one of the best in the business. Dark colored , bright fonts and good contrast make this boxes really standout. Also the made in Japan flag is a very nice touch and shows the importance for DUO of producing the lures in Japan.

Tetra Works Toto 42. Nice touch with the Japanese flag.
It really stands out on the dark colored package.

Bright and bold fonts adorn the packages of the Tide Minnow series.

As for the lures, I will write about them on my blog over time. For now just enjoy a picture of the Tetra Works Yurameki. This tiny lipless sinking lure is ideal for some ultralight fishing. At 48mm length and 6.3 gr. looks like a terrific casting lure.
This is what DUO writes about the Yurameki:

-A sinking pencil with superior carrying distance
The Yurameki is a heavyweight sinking pencil with amazing casting capabilities. The 48mm, 6.3g body makes it a great search bait castable into a strong wind, or over long distances while searching an extensive area. 
The lure’s heavy weight gives it great carrying distance and reduces the ‘floating up’ tendency which is a demerit of many sinking pencils.  This lure will allow the angler to search at various depths. With slow retrieval, it swims with a tail wobbling action, captivating not only small targets like the Black Rockfish, but also the timid seabass.-

I have took it right away from the box and  posed for my camera. You can get more info about this lure here.

To be continued...stay tuned.

Maria Mucho Lucir Light Shore Jigging Video

November 29, 2011

Rapala 2012 Catalog

Very nice 2012 catalog from Rapala. Check the new colors available for the Max Rap.

November 28, 2011

Major Craft Crostage K Series

The famous "Crostage" line up of Major Craft rods got a "re-freshened" look and a substantial upgrade.
The new Crostage "K" series now are wrapped with the famous Fuji K guides, known for being very easy on braid and excellent at avoiding tangled lines.

The new Crostage is available in four different series :  Mebaru-K , Ajing-K, Seabass-K and Eging-K.
Prices are between 11000 - 12500 Yen. Check the original page here. Worth giving a look.

Saltwater Game Fishes of the World: An Illustrated History

I am very interested in any kind of book regarding fishing. I am myself a collector of fly fishing books, fly tying,  lure books, rod building books, fishing related fiction book, and everything else related to the sea and the fishes. There is, however, one book that really stands out and that is at the top of my collection.
I have found this book by chance while visiting at an used book store in Salem, Massachusetts back in 2008. I saw the cover and after a few pages I was sold.
The book title is "Saltwater Game Fishes of the World: An Illustrated History" and is written by Bob Dunn & Peter Goadby. If you love fishing and you want to know more about the history of fishing and the fishes itself, this is a book that cannot be missed. It is written with such detail, and the illustrations are so good that you will be delighted by this publication.

A big sized coffee-book table full of amazing  illustrations.

What does it include?

The book is divided in three main parts. The Naturalists, The Fishes, and the Anglers.
The first part is dedicated the first naturalist, pioneers of the ocean and great scientist who started the classification of fishes.
The second section describes both historically and technically  the most sought after fishes by all anglers: Tunas, Tarpon, Bluefish, Striped Bass, Marlins, Dorado, etc.
The last part is covers the origins of sport fishing and the pioneers of this sport, with all details on the tackles they used.

It is a heavy book with 299 pages of glossy paper full of amazing archive photos, fish illustrations. It takes you to the origins of fishing and the history behind those fishes that we love to catch or dream about.

I highly recommend this book. It must be in your collection if you are a true fishing enthusiast or just a person who loves the ocean. You will certainly not be disappointed.

You can get see a sample and order the book here

November 27, 2011

Angler's High

There is one form of lure fishing that I consider being at the top of the fishing "pyramid".
Imagine yourself on a rock, standing 10 metres high from the sea and casting heavy lures or jigs seeking some aggressive heavyweight pelagic fish. Equipped with 10ft heavy duty rods, 6000 Saltiga Reels, 60 gr. lures to cast to the infinite Ocean.

This is literally what this brave angler from Japan is doing and sharing it all on his personal page Angler's High.
The site is simple in design but the amount of reports, photos and links are mesmerizing.
It seems that the site got so much attention on the net that he started including a special English page (see here).
There isn't much else to add. Just have a look at the reports and be ready for some great pics. This guy lands enormous GT's from shore at night. Enough said. Enjoy!! A+

Ultimate Land Based Saltwater Lure Fishing

No need to comment this one. GT from shore!

Big lures and Hiramasa. Amazing combo!

DUO Co. Ltd. Facebook Page

I have already praised DUO's marketing efforts on the social network (see here). The company is implementing an aggressive marketing strategy on facebook in order to reach effectively an international audience.
The official facebook page they recently opened is maintained by DUO's marketing staff and is getting new users everyday. Right now they have about 1205 likes but the number is increasing everyday.
The page is full of nice DUO lures photos, amazing fishes, news from the headquarters, and most important, from time to time you will see some interesting contests where DUO gives you the chance to win some cool prizes. I like seeing many DUO enthusiast use the wall to share their passion for lure fishing and lures. This is what creates a good community and brand loyalty!

RC Fishing Rate:

November 26, 2011

Dolphin Game by Halcyon System's

Enjoy this nice dolphin game video by Halcyon Systems.

November 25, 2011

Japanese Seabass Photos

Do you want to see some cool Suzuki (Japanese Seabass) pictures?
Check here. Duel has made a special gallery!

The Best Videos Of Catch Magazine

Again, its time to share an amazing fly fishing video. Enjoy!!
More about Catch Magazine here

The T-Motion Collection from Todd Moen Creative on Vimeo.

Bay Ruf Manic 115

This is a lure that I'd really like to try. I am fond of lipless lures and pencil baits in general. I use the Maria Blues Code with success for seabass and bluefish. I think that the creativity in the retrieve can make the difference.
The Bay Ruf Manic 115 is a lure that reminds me of the Maria BC but with a more interesting shape and an action that looks to be less subsurface and more erratic. The straight retrieve produces a tight rolling movement. Looks like a small mullet on the run.

This Manic needs to be tried and reviewed. I'll definitely get one and write another post about it in the future.

This is what DUO says about the lure:

-The Manic Movement
The lure’s buoyancy, weighting, volume, and body shape have all been delicately adjusted. The action created by this sensitively balanced lure is a tight rolling only; there is no wobbling or sinusoidal action. The rolling action is so tight that some anglers will not even think it is moving; rest assured it does leave a vibrant wake even at the slowest retrieval speeds.
-Wake Performance
As soon as you initiate retrieval, the lure will float to the subsurface and create a exquisite wake. The tight rolling action will add a weak but unique swell in the V shaped wake, appealing more efficiently to the game fish.
-Casting distance
By moving the hook-eye from the tail section of the body, the lure was left with an aerodynamic pointed end. It has amazing castability for its size.
-Irregular action
With some twitching and jerking of the rod, the lure performs an irregular action reminiscent of bait-fish on the surface. A creative angler can find myriad uses for this lure.

These are the specs:


Here are two cool video about the Manic.

November 24, 2011

Zip Baits ZBL System Minnow 9F

I like trying  new lures from different companies. Lately I have discovered Zip Baits, as usual, a Japanese company that makeshigh quality lures. I am always interested in those small 7-9cm lures that I can use in calm waters in search of seabass near home. These kind of lures give the best when used with light tackle. In my case I combine these sized lures with a 7-8ft  7-21gr. rods that have a fast-moderate action. Add a 2500 sized reel with 0.8 PE and you have a great combo.

The Zip Bait lure in question is the ZBL System Minnow 9F. A small floating minnow that thanks to the "mag-drive" system (tungsten weight shifting system) allows long casts. I have to admit that I still don't know how it swims but these type of lures are always welcome in my lure box. My local seabass love these kind of lures and I will definitely write a review once I take it out for a cast.
For now just enjoy a portrait picture I took today and a link to the Zip Baits site.

Color 718 for me please!

From the Zip Baits website.

November 23, 2011

Daiwa Procyon Reel

Daiwa USA has introduced a new medium-high price reel in the US market, also known as USDM.

Daiwa Procyon 2500. Photo from Daiwa USA.

The new reel, named Procyon, replaces - from a price standpoint - the Advantage  and Coastal models in the line up. The Procyon, priced at 149.00USD has a fresh design and some features that represent the new series of Daiwa Reels.
The design is a mix between a JDM Freams and a USDM Exceler. The body is aluminum, gone is the classic rotor replaced by the new "Air Rotor", a new feature from Daiwa. (see here).

The Air Bail, already present in the old models is still there, so is the Digigear (digital gear design). The drag is waterproof and the handle is cut aluminum.

These are the complete specs found on Daiwa USA:

Procyon® Spinning Features:
Narrow, rigid aluminum “HARDBODYZ” body design
Three CRBB corrosion resistant ball bearings plus roller bearing
Corrosion-proof Zaion body cover
Air Rotor for lighter weight and greater sensitivity
Air Bail®–tubular stainless for lightweight strength
Oiled felt seal keeps water out of body
Sealed, water proof drag with click adjustment
Machine cut aluminum handle
ABS design aluminum spool

The sizes available are : 1500,2000,2500,3000,3500 and 4000.

I hope to get my hands on one soon and make a real life review. I am a proud owner of a 09 Daiwa Advantage and I think this reel is an improvement thanks to the Air Rotor and, why lie, a cool design.

This reel is a notch below the new USDM Daiwa Ballistic that is similar to the JDM Daiwa Freams that comes with a full Zaion body.

We will see if this reel will make the European Continent. I know that Daiwa introduces similar reels with different names or vice-versa. I heard of Excelers being different reels according to the market, whether USDM,EDM or JDM.

Bottom line, this is a reel that I'll keep an eye on and try it ASAP. I am especially interested in the sizes 1500 and 4000. One for ultralight applications and the other one for medium-heavy saltwater. 

Prox Fish Grabber

While wandering around the web I have found this very cool looking fish grabber  by the Japanese company Prox Inc.
It is made of Stainless steel and has a very nice looking carbon fiber plate on the sides. Comes wish a spiral cord for easy attachment.
I already own a Boga grip but this one looks great and more compact for grabbing small-medium sized fishing. Given the size I think it would work great for my ultralight fishing.
The size is 150x18x13mm for 120 grams.
It costs about 4400 YEN (58 USD) so it is not very expensive either.
Worth investigating and see if there is anyone selling it overseas.

Here is the original Link

Colors are great too!

November 20, 2011

JDM Tackle

In the past, in order to buy anything from Japan we had to rely mostly on some stores located in Japan. It all changed with the arrival of JDM Tackle,

Located in California USA, JDM Tackle is both an online and brick and mortar store that offers high quality JDM tackle, especially for jigging and offshore fishing, to all anglers worldwide.
You can find almost all the famous Japanese brands known for quality. Some names? Duo, Owner, Maria Japan, Carpenter, Decoy, Shimano, Evergreen, Megabass, Decoy, Shout, Smith, Varivas and so on.
The articles ranges from high end jigging rods to reels, lures, accessories, gear, snaps, swivel and everything you need for your fishing adventures both offshore and inshore.
JDM Tackle offers great products at great prices and the best part is that it has many international shipping options for fast and easy delivery. A very important feature.
The owner of the shop, Randy is a fantastic guy who is always available for your questions and inquiries.

Another great online store for JDM fanatics that needs to be checked. A+

Also make sure to check the actual store virtually from this page.

Link to JDM Tackle

JDM bags and gears.

Great selection of poppers.
RC Fishing Rate:

Lure Photo 7: Wando Hikyoku 110F

Wando Hikyoku 110F

Lure Photo 6: Duel Hardcore Minnow 90F

Duel Hardcore Minnow 90F. Color: HGR

November 19, 2011

Daiwa's Air Rotor

In one of my previous posts I have introduced the new Daiwa Caldia reel.
That pretty reel features the new Daiwa's Air Rotor, which is a light, cool looking rotor built with a proprietary material named Zaion.

Air rotor made with Zaion.

Here is a nice video that shows the strength of the new rotor compared to the old regular ones. Impressive.

Seabass and the City!!

I wish I could catch seabass like this in my city, between highways and skyscrapers. It looks like great fun!
Enjoy this short trailer of Daiwa's "Seabass Urban Side Game" DVD.

New Decoy Y-S81 Treble Hooks

Decoy is one of the three brands of Japanese hook maker Katsuichi Co. Ltd.
When it comes to dependable hooks Decoy, the brand dedicated to lure fishing, is one of the best in the business.

Decoy has introduced a new series of trebles named Y-S81. According to the images below, the hooks are lighter but comparable in strength to the famous Owner ST-46 trebles , very common in the majority of today's Japanese saltwater lures. The sizes ranges from  #8 to #1/0.
Another great feature is the "split ring friendly" hook eye. The eye has a thinner part that lets you  insert a split ring very easily. I don't know if it compromises the overall strength but seems like a clever feature to me.

They are available here  and here

Comparison with the ST-46.

Easy split ring attachment.

November 17, 2011

Christmas Sale at Plat!

One of my favorite online store has started its annual Christmas Sale Event. I am usually very happy when I see their newsletter in my mailbox. Right now you can find some very good deals on saltwater lures and Major Craft Rods (my favorites by the way). Check here : PLAT

This is Fly

This is mostly a lure based fishing blog but sometimes I feel the necessity to share some amazing links that are related to fly fishing another type of fishing that I do enjoy a lot, but not experienced enough to write a blog about.
Anyways, another great "piece of art" about fly fishing is this amazing e-magazine named  "This is Fly".
The design, texts, photos, and everything is so beautifully made that needs to be read, experienced and enjoyed until the last page.
A+  Enjoy!

November 16, 2011

Yellow Eyed Devil: Bluefish

"Yellow Eye Devil, Toothy Critter, Gator, Tailor...Call it whatever you want, but the "Bluefish" (Pomatomus Saltatrix) is one of those game fish that has made the history of saltwater lure fishing. Perhaps is the fish that can qualify as one of the most common predators taken by lures around the globe.

They fish it extensively in the US Eastern Shore as well as in the Mediterrean Sea in Europe.
It is a fish aggressive that attack lures with no mercy.

The Pomatomus Saltratix (Scientific Name) is a real fighter. It is known for its spectacular jumps (hence Saltatrix) it makes once hooked. I had the chance to hook this fish both in Massachusetts and in Europe. It is a fish that I respect most, with its menacing yellow eyes, razor sharp tooth and a tenacious force.
I always like to induce them to attack topwater lures such as pencils and poppers. Seeing the fish take the lure on the surface is quite exciting!.

Just wanted to dedicate an introduction post about this fish. Planning to write more about it and add some nice reports.

 For now, If you like to know more about this amazing fish please check the links below.

Pomatomus Saltatrix

Myself with a 11 Lb Bluefish caught in New England on a Yo-zuri Popper.

A nice link about the Bluefish in the US (East Coast)
Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries

Books about Bluefish:
"Blues" By John Hersey

"Saltwater Game Fishes of the World: An Illustrated History" by Bob Dunn , Peter Goadby 

Lure Photo 6: Maria Blues Code 90

November 15, 2011

Takatoshi Murase's Crush TV

If you love bass fishing you have to check this guy and his cool videos.
My friend Takatoshi is an excellent bass fisherman and a real facebook phenomenon. He is from Japan and a very skilled bass fisherman.
I thank Takatoshi for sharing all his experience, cool photos, fishing reports and tackle reviews on his facebook page.
Glad to have guys like him spreading the love for fishing globally over the social network.
Keep up the good work Taka!

You can contact him on facebook , he will gladly accept your friendship request!

November 13, 2011

Atlas LG Ajing Rod by NISSIN

Lately I read and find more info about ultralight lure fishing. Casting lures of 3-4 grams and catching rockfish or small predators is becoming more and more common. The fun is there, and if you look at my previous post about the blog of my friend in Spain (Rock Fishing Spain), you will understand why.
To start this type of fishing I searched around for a ultralight rod that would be great as a starter rod and that would not cost a lot. After extensive researches I found this interesting rod on PLAT. The rod is made by Nissin, a respectable Japanese company known more for other types of rods rather than lure fishing. Before getting this rod I asked some feedback to PLAT (always helpful) and also checked their online catalog. After getting  good feedback and given the reasonable cost of about 80USD. I just bought it.

The Rod is a 7.4ft (220cm) 0.6-8gr. fast action rod designed for targeting aji (horse mackarel). It gives its best with small soft baits with1.5-2.5 gr. jigheads. Also it handles small spoons and minnows in the 4-6 gr. range.

I have fished it only once with a 1000 shimano reel (gives a good balance) spooled with 0.14 nylon.
 It was just a rod test so it is too early to give a final judgement to the rod, but I found it very sensible and fun to fish with. I hooked two small sized garfishes, which are plenty in the Mediterran sea right now. The rod is so sensible and light that I could feel - despite using nylon line - every attack on the soft lures. The fun of ultralight rods is that even a garfish of 200 gr. feels like a 2 kg. seabass. The bent on the rod and the light line is a blast to feel. I feel comfortable with the Atlas LG  and I think the rod can handle bigger size fishes easily. I am planning to use it again, with some PE line, and target some rockfish and breams. 

As for the rod. You can see the pictures. Fujı Reel seat, Fuji aluminum oxide guides, quality EVA grip, metallic red trims and a nice looking blank. Definitely can feel the JDM touch as usual. 

I will write a better review once I take it out again to catch some fish.  This was just a intro. 

My rod is the Atlas LG 704M.  The lineup includes a 7.8ft version both L and M (L stands for light and M for medium). Below you can see the details.
Details of the rod from Nissin's catalog.

Detail of the rear grip. The winding check and butt ring is, again, metallic red.

Detail of the blank. Atlas LG.

Nissin Japan

The rod features Fuji "O" Aluminum Oxide guides.

Detail of the small Fuji guide concept guide.

Spigot Joint.