October 29, 2011

New Daiwa Caldia

Daiwa is one of my favorite manufacturers when if comes to reels. I have been using only Daiwa or Shimano reel as they are the best brands out there.
The latest models introduced by the Japanese maker are all good looking reels with new innovative systems.
One of these reels is the new Caldia. A mid-upper level reel that has been always on my wish list.

he new one replaces the nice looking white model. The reel packs many new features but the most breakthrough are the new "Zaion body", the "Mag-Shield" and the "Air Rotor" . 

It comes in 8 different size-models. From mebaru/trout light fishing all the way up to medium salt water applications.
The price is between 23000 and 29000 Yen.


Air Rotor:  The new design gives a 15% lighter rotor and better balance. It
also looks very nice.

Zaion body and rotor: This new material is light and stiff as magnesium. Based on a proprietary
carbon based resin material, the Zion increases resistance, strength still decreasing the weight.

Mag Shield" is a new technology that allows the reel to remain waterproof.
The magnetic fluid creates a "wall" between the rotor and body
that keeps any kind of water from entering inside.

Detail of the micro adjustable drag knob.

The new spool features the ABS2. It allows an easy release of the line from
the spool. It has a reverse tapered surface that dramatically reduces line backlash.

The new Caldia. You can see the Mag sealed and Air Rotor features.

The Caldia is a Real Four compatible reel. You can add many custom parts.

You can see a nice video here : Bream fishing with the new Caldia

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