October 29, 2011

Owner Trebles

When it comes to hooks and treble I can think of only one brand: Owner.
I have been using these trebles for years with no problems at all. I don't think is a coincidence the fact that most of the lure manufacturers use the owners on their lures. Especially the owner treble ST-46 series is widely used on most of the famous lures out there. One example are the Daiwa Saltiga lures.
These trebles are expensive but well worth the money. 

How to read the codes:
Owner uses two numbers to identify their trebles:
ST stands for Stinger Treble. The barbless models have BL after the ST (STBL)
The first digit after the ST designates the strength and power of the treble. It starts from 1 and goes up to 7
The second digit can be a 1 or 6 depending on the curve point. The 1 has a more evident curve bend.
After the digits you will see two letters like BC (Black Chrome), TN (Tin) or RD (Red) that tells you about the color of the treble.

ST-56TN Trebles. These are good for medium-heavy salt lures.
The one below is a medium strength model: The ST-36BC (Black Chrome). I prefer to use the 36 series up to sizes 10 and 8. I pass to the stronger ST-46s for lures that mount size 6-4 hooks. For anything above that I rely on the 56's.

C'ultiva Owner Stinger Treble ST-36BC size 10
Red Colored Trebles. Coded RD.

 More info can be found here: Owner Official Homepage (Japanese)

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