December 29, 2011

DUO Contest Winners

Nelson Rhys from Australia, Xavier Maurin from France and Leonidas Kouretas from Greece. Congratulations, enjoy your new cool DUO Lures.
These three gentlemen have won the latest contest made by DUO Japan this month.
DUO asked to his facebook page fans what are the most preferred lure colors in the DUO range. They received more than 250 answers and now we know that these colors are on the top choices when it comes to DUO lures:

P39 Pearl Chart 

H94 Chigomori Iwashii 

H11 Scaled Iwashi

I would have definitely voted for the H94 and H11. They are also among my favorite colors. Somehow I still prefer natural looking colors when it comes to lures. Perhaps they look more like a real fish. On the other hand I might understand why the chartreuse color got first. I know by experience that in saltwater fly fishing white and chartreuse work very well and this might explain this trend.

Anyway, I enjoy these contest made by DUO and I know that they are more to come. Just make sure you follow the official facebook fan page.


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