December 1, 2011

New Contest by DUO!

DUO keeps introducing new contests for all its facebook fans. After two successful contests here is the third one. As the previous contests, this one is again, a simple one.  Duo is asking again a question:
What is your favourite lure color to use?
In order to participate you just have to be a fan of the Official DUO Facebook Page and send your answer to this email address: . Also just put “my favorite lure color” to the email subject.  
You can tell your favorite colors by describing them or just write the colors codes of the DUO lures. 

The contest ends the 25th of December at 5:00PM 
More info here 

What is the prize? Another great assortment of DUO lures and promotional items.

Don’t miss the chance!

By the way, here are some nice lure colors. My favorites:

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