November 19, 2011

New Decoy Y-S81 Treble Hooks

Decoy is one of the three brands of Japanese hook maker Katsuichi Co. Ltd.
When it comes to dependable hooks Decoy, the brand dedicated to lure fishing, is one of the best in the business.

Decoy has introduced a new series of trebles named Y-S81. According to the images below, the hooks are lighter but comparable in strength to the famous Owner ST-46 trebles , very common in the majority of today's Japanese saltwater lures. The sizes ranges from  #8 to #1/0.
Another great feature is the "split ring friendly" hook eye. The eye has a thinner part that lets you  insert a split ring very easily. I don't know if it compromises the overall strength but seems like a clever feature to me.

They are available here  and here

Comparison with the ST-46.

Easy split ring attachment.

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