October 15, 2013

Tackle Stores in Tokyo. Part 1: Shibuya

If you love tackle and especially Japanese tackle I think there isn't any better place than buying it if not Japan itself.
I have been lucky to visit Tokyo a couple of times and thanks to some internet research and friend's advice I visited many great shops and did some awesome shopping.

As a blogger I think have a great opportunity to share some information on the best store available in Tokyo. If you happen to visit it one day you might find the information below very useful.

I have been in many shops in different areas but I will first start with the area that offer more choices and that if you are on a tight schedule it will be enough to get most of the stuff you were dreaming of.

The first part of my guide will focus on Shibuya.


It is hard to go to Tokyo and don't visit Shibuya. It is by far the most crowded and interesting place in Tokyo. You have probably seen the famous intersection in movies, where hundreds if not thousands of people cross the street in a quick and frantic fashion.
It is the home of great stores, interesting building and encompasses everything modern Tokyo has to offer: neon lights, great food and crowded streets.

How to get to Shibuya

It depends on when you are staying but the best way to get to Shibuya is with the Yamanote Line. Just take the green train from one of the stations and get off directly at the Shibuya stop.
Once you are in Shibuya you just have to get out of the West Exit and from there all the fishing stores will be easy to reach on foot.

Johshuya JUMBO


JSY is the first stop that I recommend to everybody. It is located only 5 minutes walk distance from the station and with its 3 floor offers everything you need: lures, rods, gear, clothes, baits, hooks, whatever you are looking for.

How to get there?

Johshuya is located just south of the station. Follow the map below : Take the west exit, once you are out of the station go south, pass the pedestrian bridge and you will see the big JUMBO written on the building. Go off the bridge and take the elevator at the entrance of the building. The 2nd floor is all about lures, 3rd floor is bait fishing and 4th floor is gear/clothes/buckets/bags/rain gear etc.

Below is the access map made on Google Maps. Very easy to reach.



Looking for used lures and gear? The famous 2nd hand shop Tackle Berry is just 50 meters from Jumbo. Basically is on the same street. You just have to walk 50 mt. more and you will see the sign on the left. It is located on the 3rd floor (3F). It is a big one floor shop with some interesting second hand lures : salt/bass/trout selection is good.

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Sansui is a smaller but very good shop that is worth the visit. It feel more upscale compared to Jumbo and Tackle Berry. The selection is smaller but you might find different products not available elsewhere. Also I felt like they have higher hand products that are difficult to find outside of Japan.

The store is close to the station. I made a map that shows the path from Jumbo to Sansui. It is a good reference.

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Sansui is on a main street and right side of the sidewalk.

Basically all the three shops are in within 8 minutes walking distance. In one stop you can almost find everything you are looking for.

In the second part I will explore two other shops that are very well equipped and worth checking out.


Unknown said...

thank you for your thorough description of some of the tackle store one can find in Tokyo. I'm planning a 3 day stopover in Tokyo before continuing my trip, could you please advise other tackle shops to visit? I'm mainly looking for jigging gear (MC Works, Ripple Fischer to name a few).
Looking forward for part 2.

tight lines !

RC fishing said...

Hello Cylde, thanks for the email. I can give you as much info as possible. I know a couple more shops around Tokyo.

I would prefer to reply you via email. Can you send me your email? thanks!

towkaymelvin said...


Please dont be such a mystery and complete Pt 2! I'm also dying to find out about the two other shops u mentioned that are equally as well stocked~



Unknown said...

Thank you. This very helpful. I have been here for 3 weeks and haven found any tackle shop.

Unknown said...

hi, super interested in your adventure, do you mind giving me some info about the prices for reels? like shimano stella and daiwa exist? thank you very much.

my email address is glenchew91@gmail.com

appreciate your kind assistance.

thank you

Unknown said...

hi, super interested in your adventure in the fishing tackle shop! will be heading to japan in 3 weeks! do you mind giving me some info about prices of the reel? like shimano stella and daiwa reels?

thank you.

appreciate your kind assistance.

Unknown said...

Hi, like to know which tackle shops in Tokyo sells Studio Ocean Mark reels. Thanks.

RC fishing said...

According to the SOM website, their products are sold in Sansui Shops. You can try the one in Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro.

RC fishing said...

Don't know about the reels prices but usually they are 15% off MSRP prices (catalog prices).
Also you could get tax free in certain shops.

Unknown said...

Thanks! I actually went there today as i am on vacation here in shinjuku. Your instructions were helpful but i didnt notice the "Jumbo" sign outside. I just turned left after going down the pedestrian bridge and turned right in the first street and upon going into the building on the left, the doorman showed the directory board and it had " Jumbo Fishing, floors 2,3,4.. Regarding the Tacle Berry store, you just continue walking up the street to the next building on the same side. It is on the third floor. The ground floor has an athletic shoe store.

RC fishing said...

Glad you found the place. Perhaps they changed the front window and removed the sign. :)

matt said...

hi can you please email the final two stores? kind regards, email is pluto_77@hotmail.com

RC fishing said...

The other stores are : Casting in Shinagawa , Joshuya is Ikebukuro.

Casting is 100% lure fishing. One of the best shops in my opinion.

The one in Ikebukuro is a smaller version of the JUMBO Joshuya in Shibuya.