January 20, 2013

Best Snaps Ever?

I am kinda fond of snaps. I own different models and tried most of them. I have even an old article about it I wrote a year ago (check here).
Yesterday I saw a new kind of snap at a great online store (JDM Tackle) and judging by the videos and the photos I am really interested in trying them as they look very strong and have a great design.
They snaps are made by a famous Japanese company named Studio Ocean Mark. They are famous for reel customization and accessories for tackle fanatics.
At first look it doesn't look like a breakthrough innovative products. Basically it has the same "paper clip" concept as other models already available in the market. The real difference is that it is designed as a sort of hybrid between a snap and a solid ring.

The advantage stays in the quick attachment and a the fact that the lure stay attached on a double coil of wire Usually snaps have a single pass of  wire while  this one has two (like a real split ring) It is difficult for me to explain but if you watch the video at the original page you will understand better.

All single wire snaps. The breakaway is a clear paper clip example.

The graphic below shows the attachment process. 4 quick steps.

Perfect for pencils. Who needs pliers anymore?

Six sizes to choose from.

The snaps are very solid. They range from 25kg to 97kg strength and they are all tested (check the page again).

The problem is that they look a little bulky therefore I think they are more suited for medium heavy applications even in the Size OS3 . I need to check them and measure them as the website doesn't give a specific number on the size.  I think this is a great snap for when you go fishing for pelagics or big bluefishes with poppers.  
I might conclude by saying that it is work trying them and if they really are that good we might say goodbye to split ring pliers when it comes to lure changing.

The price? 8-9 US Dollars.   Quite a steal.


David Norman said...

They look great!

vehbi said...

very usefull sharing thanks Rc..