October 30, 2011

Snaps, snaps, snaps

When it comes to snaps I'am kind of picky and this has led me to try several models and types.

Silent Snap, Egg Snap and Round Snap.

A good snap has to be, naturally, strong but also easy to handle and designed good enough to allow a good movement to the lure attached.

I first started lure fishing with the BreakAway Spin Link. This snap is solid and the "paper clip" like design allows a quick change of the lure. It is one of my favorite snaps and I use it only when fishing with big lures since it is not very small and it does interfere a little with the action of medium sized lures (7-10 cm). Unfortunately it does come only (as I am aware of) in two sizes and the one I use is already the smallest one.
I wish they made a smaller sized one.

The Decoy Egg Snap is my second favorite but it looks like it will become my preferred snap in the near future. It is solid, hard to open (hence fail),well made and the "egg" shape does allow good movement to the lure. The advantage is that it comes in several size so it offers flexibility. The one below in the picture is a No:3. The strength is high in this snap (70lb). Try it.

The NT swivel Snap is an original design. I tried only once and didn't have problems. It is one of the easiest snaps when it comes to lure changing but it is exactly the fact that it opens easily that bothers me a little. A little pressure and is open. Maybe the fact that opens only when you apply pressure on the inside, means that under traction is bulletproof. The model in the picture below is rated at 27kg and is a size 0!.

The Evergreen Wide Snap is one of my favorite in light saltwater and freshwater applications. The snap feels solid and the wide eye design gives freedom to the lure. It is similar to the Egg Snap but it opens a little easier. Solid enough and with a nice titanium finish.

The last one is the Decoy Round Snap. Similar to the Evergreen snap but with a thinner back. Like it for trout fishing and ultralight application. Decoy is a reliable brand, so is this snap.

These models are all valid and they cost pretty much the same. I don't being cheap on the snaps. It is an important link to an often 20 dollars lure. Not worth losing a big fish and a lure for a little snap.
Tight lines!

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Wen Daniel said...

use cultiva snaps have never failed me there is a non silent verson too