February 3, 2012

New goods from Japan. Part 1

So here I am, taking some pictures of the items that I have just received from Japan. This time I got some stuff for my ultra light fishing: soft baits, jigeheads and a new PE line.

I want to try them as soon as possible but I am waiting for the harsh weather (snow) to calm down a little bit.

Here some sneak peak:


Great looking package of ECOGEAR POWER SHIRASU


This is an impressive PE line for the price. It is the entry model by the famous Japanese YGK brand. It is a  3 strand braid but looks and feels smooth enough. This one is 0.4 PE rated at 6lb. The package has a great feature that allows to spool the reel with ease. I think it is patented. Great stuff.
Here is the link : YGK (English)

This soft bait is supposed to be a killer for Horse Mackerel.

First time getting a Tict product. V.R Head

This is it for now. Need some time to prepare my new setup and head to the sea. I just hope this cold winter will be over soon!


Luke Fox said...

Looks like some great gear. Have used the Ecogear aqua lures and theres no mistaking their effectiveness. Really like the look of the Tict Gear and will be investing soon.
Hope you get some good weather soon to give them a good field test. Will be looking for a report.


RC fishing said...

Hello Luke. The tict hooks looks amazing. They have red eyes too!
I have already tried the straw grub with success on small garfishes. I will try the new soft baits as soon as possible.
What do you catch with the Ecogear?

Jay La Roche said...
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Reddison said...

POWER SHIRASU - is one of the my favorites of the last season for perch fishing.

RC fishing said...

Hello Reddison. What kind of rig do you use with the power shirasu?

Reddison said...


I have already told about those fishing rig in my article, written in Russian http://red-off.rybalka.com/blog/view/7439/.
I hope I will post it to my blog translated into English during the nearest time.

I figure that the main fitment for Sirasu is such called in Ukraine ‘eared’ sinker. Here is a sinker http://s8.rybalka.com/userfiles/upload/1672/1315488331.9463.jpg , here http://s8.rybalka.com/userfiles/upload/1672/1315487964.467.jpg
you can see a collocated rig.

As a hook for smaller baits we use OWNER S-59, or MH-12.

As a hook for a bigger lure we use worm hook or baitholder hook.