February 17, 2012

More LRF stuff from C9 Tackle

I think this LRF craze is getting bigger and bigger.
I can definitely see more sites and facebook pages about this interesting ultra light fishing method.
My favorite store has started selling lots of LRF stuff lately. I am sure this is a nice addition to the range of products available in the inventory. Getting LRF stuff was kind of difficult for me but now I have access to many tackle for this specific method. Right now you can find fine brands like Ecogear, Tict, Owner, Deps, Reins and Mars online.
If you are a LRF aficionado check it!

One of the best jigheads out the. 

Didn't try them but given the reputation of Cultiva, it can't be bad!

Nice collaboration between two great sofbait companies.
Definitely worth checking!

Source: Cloud Nine Tackle

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