February 16, 2012

Lure Photo 15: IMA GUN 12g.

Today I had the chance to grab my camera and take a shot of the new jig I just got form my local tackle store.
Right now I am pondering on what single hook to use on this beauty. Probably a single assist hook dressed with some flash. I have to decide on the size.


Andy said...

Hook size will have to match probable fish. No point having big hooks when going for small fish or vice versa, RC. Personally, I would get some strong carp hooks in size #8 and #4, make two separate sets up on a solid ring each. That way you can change it at leisure. Both hook sizes, although small will be more than strong enough if you buy good quality hooks.

Good luck and don't forget to send some photo's of the finished jig, thanks.

RC fishing said...

Thanks Andy. Do you think a simple braid in the 30lb range will be enough? I was thinking solid ring+braid+dressed hook. I usually use some wide gap hook like chinu or iseama.