February 14, 2012

IMA GUN 12g. and Sufix Invisiline

Today I went to my local tackle store and got myself a couple of IMA Gun jigs. The store was selling only the 12 g version so I just opted for those and ordered the 7 g. from Japan.
I like the shape and the overall quality seems good. Well, it is an IMA, so it has to look good anyway.
The jig comes with no hooks but it is no problem for me. I need to decide on the hook size and be ready to try it soon.
I think the 12 g. version is useful on those situations where you see some surface blitz of mackerel or even little tunny (false albacore). Also might be useful for garfish in port area.
Anyway it needs to be tested.

In case you missed the video. It is here:

The other items I got are two spools of fluorocarbon leader by Sufix. I got the 6lb and 12lb versions. The 6lb will be used for LRF while the 12lb looks a good choice for light seabass fishing in port area. I usually buy Seaguar but since it isn't available right now I decided to try a brand that has good a good reputation. I clearly stay away from unknown or low quality brands.

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