February 7, 2012

AquaWave Lures

I have posting some LFR stuff lately. I got many comments and emails about brands like Tict and Ecogear.
There is another brand that I have tried with success. It is AquaWave by Viva, another japanese company that specializes mostly in ultra light and jigging tackle.
If you check their website you will find some interesting products, from soft to hard lures.

I am actually using one of their jigheads. The "RockBait" It does have some neat darting action, comparable with the Shirasu Fine Head of Ecogear. The shape of the head is ideal for darting.

1g version

Size 8 hook

Here is a video of the Spark 40. A nice looking soft bait. Here is rigged with the Lock Head. Looking interesting. Enjoy

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