February 25, 2012

Alle's Lures working in Guinea Bissau (again)

Ok, so I envy my friend Alessandro. He goes in beautiful places, catches fishes, tests new lures, takes photos and comes back home with a nice smile on his face.
He just came from a trip in Guinea Bissau and shared some amazing shots with us.
He mostly used his own lures and had the chance to test some of his new creations. I think nothing is better than having your designed lures tested on some waters like those of the African Country.
He also tested some lures of my Italian friends Seaspin. I can see a Coixedda and Pro-Q in the mouth of big sized fishes.
It is all too good: the fishes, the setting, the anglers, the lures...
Thanks "Ale" for allowing me to share these photos with my fellow readers.

Vagabond Fisherman Shop
Alle's Lures

Nice Jack Crevalles. One of my favorite fishes.

Jack Crevalle on a Seaspin Pro-Q

Another Jack Crevalle on a Seaspin Pro-Q

Nice Barracuda

Brute force...

Seaspin Coixedda 

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