February 29, 2012

Shimano TV: Yellowtail Fishing

Enjoy another great video  by Shimano.

Source: Shimano TV

February 27, 2012

DUO Goes To NA

So, I have already wrote about what I think of DUO strategy in the international market. They are one of the first  Japanese companies to came up with a good marketing plan in order to expand their market on an international levels. I admire their lures as much as their effort to promote them worldwide. They make good use of the website (the English pages are great), facebook and keep in touch with key bloggers around the world.
Now they made a big step by entering one of the biggest markets available : North America.

Indeed the NA market is a big one but also very competitive. The are hundreds of companies already involved in the market and it might take some time for DUO to gain some share. On the other hand the products are excellent so is the team that DUO has setup on the other side of the pond.
I heard that the first biggest step will be in the freshwater market, with products of the Realis range.The Realis  lures dedicated to bass fishing, a big thing in the US.
I am sure they will be successful with this new and ambitious project. I believe it will be all easy when you have a winner in your hand and a well executed sales/marketing effort.
They already have a new Facebook Page. Give it a look.

I wish DUO North America good luck!!!

Some of the lures that will be available in North American stores soon:

Realis Minnow80SP

Realis Spin Bait 60

Realis Vibration 62

Realis Pencil 110

Some Random Lures

Some photos I took last summer.

Duel Popper

Maria Miss Carna

Daiwa Saltiga SL14

February 25, 2012

Alle's Lures working in Guinea Bissau (again)

Ok, so I envy my friend Alessandro. He goes in beautiful places, catches fishes, tests new lures, takes photos and comes back home with a nice smile on his face.
He just came from a trip in Guinea Bissau and shared some amazing shots with us.
He mostly used his own lures and had the chance to test some of his new creations. I think nothing is better than having your designed lures tested on some waters like those of the African Country.
He also tested some lures of my Italian friends Seaspin. I can see a Coixedda and Pro-Q in the mouth of big sized fishes.
It is all too good: the fishes, the setting, the anglers, the lures...
Thanks "Ale" for allowing me to share these photos with my fellow readers.

Vagabond Fisherman Shop
Alle's Lures

Nice Jack Crevalles. One of my favorite fishes.

Jack Crevalle on a Seaspin Pro-Q

Another Jack Crevalle on a Seaspin Pro-Q

Nice Barracuda

Brute force...

Seaspin Coixedda 

February 24, 2012

DUO Press Bait Kamuy

This is an interesting lure by DUO. It is basically a jig minnow from the Press Bait series. They have the look of a minnow but they are castsand have an action like a jig.

I heard good things about the Press bait series and especially the Saira. My friend UrbanCastman takes nice fishes in Italy with the Saira.
The Kamuy model was designed for salmon trout fishing in the Hokkaido. It has a slim body that mimics bait-fish and comes with a single salmon hook (Owner s-61 1/0 single hook) that give a solid hold.
My friend told me that has an amazing fluttering movement during the drop. It just flutters attracting the fishes.
When searching over Google I have found pictures of bonitos and garfishes taken with the kamuy.
I have been impressed also by the special assist cord of the hook. It is a short loop that is formed by a very short assist cord. It gives flexibility to the whole hook.

Length : 110mm
Weight: 25g
Type: Sinking

I definitely need to try it soon.
In the meantime please check these amazing photos of the Kamuy taken by my friend Kaywox. He is a fine angler and photographer. You can see the Press Bait Kamuy in its complete beauty.

February 21, 2012

DUO Tide Minnow 135 Surf B&W

It is a very busy period for me. Spending lots of time at the office and meetings. I came home late tonight but I wanted to share something on my blog. A quick camera work with my precious Duo Tide Minnow Surf and here is a black & white photo.

February 19, 2012

Geecrack Field Pouch: The ultimate LRF Bag?

I am very interested in fishing gear. Not only tackle but also anything related to it transportation. I try and test many models and decide on which one is the best to use. I have started with non specific outdoor bags, I tried fly fishing specific gear with success, but lately I have focused on anything that would work perfectly for my type of fishing.  I did lots of research online and found very interesting brand, that of course, is from Japan.
The company is called Geecrack and in my opinion they make some fine products specific for the saltwater anglers. They have a range of products that includes bags, hip bags, slingbags, jig bags, backpacks and so on. The color choices are wide and you can definitely find something for your taste.
The Field Pouch got my attention. I was looking for something compact for my LRF fishing. The hipbag I currently use is a fly fishing bag from Fishpond. A very reputable Fly fishing gear company, but it was too big for my need.
Anyway, to cut it short, I put my hands on this great Geecrack bag. Is this the bag I was looking for? Didn't try it yet but it surely looks like a winner. Enjoy the review below and the official video too! Every picture has some caption under it.

My rate:

Here are the specs:

Size14cmx horizontal vertical thickness 8cm 20cmx
Material600D ripstop / poly
ColorsBlack Camo / Black Orange / Black pick / Purple Black / Green Purple / Green Purple / Pink

Here is the official video:

My review:
Cool logo.

Here is the bag. Comes with a shoulder strap too. I chose the black/fluo
green combo. Looks nice enough.

Detail of the Geecrack logo. The material is very durable nylon 600 D nylon

The rear has an attachment for the belt. I think it is useful if you want
to use it almost as a mini hip bag. I am planning to use it this way.

Also comes with a blue anodized carabiner. It gives the possibility to attach it
virtually everywhere you want.
The front zip is great for small items such as leader spools or even
car keys.
Front pouch is useful for small items or even cell phones.

Inside is where it shines most. Double compartment with separator.

I can fit three Meiho Boxes :  One Large, One Medium Sized SFC Boxes and
a small Meiho "cellphone like" small terminal tackle box. More than
enough for any kind of LRF. Actually the L size allows to carry even14 cm lures
so it can be used for some medium weight fishing too.

Here is the bag with all the boxes inside. Still looks
compact and easy to transport.
Another cool feature is the pliers sheath.
Very essential!

The bag is ready to go! Enjoy it.

February 17, 2012

More LRF stuff from C9 Tackle

I think this LRF craze is getting bigger and bigger.
I can definitely see more sites and facebook pages about this interesting ultra light fishing method.
My favorite store has started selling lots of LRF stuff lately. I am sure this is a nice addition to the range of products available in the inventory. Getting LRF stuff was kind of difficult for me but now I have access to many tackle for this specific method. Right now you can find fine brands like Ecogear, Tict, Owner, Deps, Reins and Mars online.
If you are a LRF aficionado check it!

One of the best jigheads out the. 

Didn't try them but given the reputation of Cultiva, it can't be bad!

Nice collaboration between two great sofbait companies.
Definitely worth checking!

Source: Cloud Nine Tackle