January 31, 2012

DUO contest is over

Another cool contest made by DUO is over. Again, three lucky anglers will get their hands on some great lures and promo material from the Japanese lure maker.

Duo asked the facebook fans their "favorite lure size" and yesterday it published the results.

The undisputed winner has been size 175mm, followed by 140mm and 120mm. These are all sizes of the famous "tide minnow" series, a minnow that has made the difference for many anglers all over the world.

It is now time to congratulate the winners and wait for the next contest that will be come out very soon!

Osaka 2012 Fishing Show

Something very important is going to happen this weekend in Osaka, Japan.
The Osaka Fishing Show is one of the most important shows of the industry and certainly a dream for every JDM tackle enthusiast. It is the show where all our favorite Japanese brands introduce the latest and coolest products to the public. I wish I could visit it, but for now I will be just staying in front of the PC waiting for some new video uploads that usually start showing up on the net during the show.
Check this blog frequently because I will try to write anything that I can find about the show.
Companies like Daiwa and Shimano give lots of importance to the show. Expect some great stuff like reels and rods from these two brands.
On Daiwa's official page there already teasers and tidbits of info about new reels like the Exist and Catalina.

It is going to be a long weekend!!!

Cartoon Style Banner for the Osaka Show. 

Daiwa has opened a special page just for the show.

January 29, 2012

New Major Craft Trout Rod is Out: Nextino

I have written about this upcoming rod in a previous post (see here). Now more details about the rod are available at Major Craft website.

The rod looks great. Nice blank colors (blue and dark brown), quality cork grips, classy looking reel seats and latest Fuji K-Guides.  The rod is available both as Area and Stream models.
The Area models are ultra light rods while the stream models go from ultra light to Heavy. For the Stream Series the shortest and lightest is the 4.8ft and 1-8g. while the longest and heavier is the 8.6ft 6-25g.
The Area models ranges from 6.0ft to 6.6ft with casting weight between 0.5 and 4g.

More details here: Major Craft Nextino

January 28, 2012

News from Japan 2 : New Daiwa Exist Video

Daiwa is updating the old Exist reel with this one. The teaser looks amazing.

News from Japan: Daiwa Shore Line Shiner SL 10F-G

Just found this one on Daiwa's official homepage (Japanese). We already know the famous 17 and 14cm versions. I even have the 12cm version and now Daiwa is introducing the 10cm version armed with size 10 trebles. It looks like a great alternative for fishing in calm waters like ports and estuaries. Sometimes I need to use minnows that are small enough to attract local seabass. Let's wait and see more. I am sure some videos will be up pretty soon over the net.
Worth checking it.

Great News from Cloud Nine Tackle

As a LRF enthusiast myself, I couldn't be more happier when I saw that one of my favorite online store has started selling some ultralight tackle.

Cloud Nine has just introduced some very nice gear made by Tict, a japanese company that specializes in aji (Horse Mackerel) and mebaru (Rockfish) fishing.  Give it a look if you are interested.

On the other hand I realized that the store has started selling USED gear too which is some great news if you are looking for the next great bargain.  Worth a check.

Softbait made for Horse Mackerel (aji) fishing

Jigheads by Tict.

January 26, 2012

News from DUO: Realis Minnow 80SP

I am a fan of saltwater lures because I "love" fishing in the salt. However sometimes I use lures that are designed for freshwater fishing but that are excellent on the fishes that I catch. In Europe, anglers usually say that the seabass can be caught with almost everything that is used for freshwater bass. Small minnows or soft lures always got the interest of the European seabass.

Realis is the name of  lures for freshwater bass made by DUO. They keep expanding this line with new models and 2012 looks like an interesting year.
There is a lure that caught my attenton the Minnow 80SP. I like it a lot. 80mm for 4.8g and many colors to choose from. This lure is a suspending model ideal for twitch and jerk technique.
The price is good (1.100YEN) and I am very interested in the D-62 and D-77 colors. The D-62 especially for some murky waters.
It looks like a terrific lure for some seabass fishing in port area or calm estuary waters. Oh, also I am sure it will be terrific for catching some freshwater bass as well.
Check it here


50 is not a great number but it means a lot to me. Today I have reached 50 followers and this makes me really happy.
I have started this blog in October and in a short time I have met new friends and received good comments from all over the world.
My intention is to keep this blog always updated and easy to read. It is just an hobby, a way to keep in touch with the world of fishing and share my experiences and ideas about this great outdoor sports.

I thank everybody for reading my posts and giving me support. It is much needed and appreciated.

I hope to write a post that says "100" in a short time :)

January 25, 2012

Blog: Labrax Squad

This is a blog that I have discovered a couple of weeks ago. The name of the blog is already cool, but what strikes me is the original layout and the very informative posts that you find in it.
It is a blog run by some European Seabass fanatics living in Holland. They have anything from videos to tackle news. It is a new blog with not many posts but I am sure it will grow bigger in no time.

I recommend you to give it a look. It is a nicely made blog and look promising.

Source: Labrax Squad

January 24, 2012

Carolina rig setup for Ultra Light Fishing

When fishing for horse mackerel I usually prefer a regular setup with a 1.5-2.g jighead, 5lb fuoro and 0.6 PE braid. Sometimes, if I need distance I rely on a carolina setup. It is basically a setup that involves a weight followed by a leader and very light jighead or weightless hook.
The trick here is to decide on what weight to use for casting the small soft lures.
There is a company in japan named Tict that offers a special "caro weight" for this kind of setup. The website offers a nice draw on how the setup is supposed to work. Also there are videos that show the rig in action.

The setup: FC or braid line + Caro Weight + small swivel + 20/30cm FC leader 3/6lb and final light (0.2 / 0.4 g.) jighead.

I am not a fan of "weights" between the line and the lure, but sometimes it is needed to reach some distance or a certain deep when using ultra light soft lures. 

I have also tried a different setup using these as weights.

The Tict version might be better because has the small "pipe" that is snug free. I also used a similar one made by Italian company Stonfo
With a 4gr. models I was able to cast about 35m with a ultralight rod setup.

What about the jighead?

I go with these models. Or you can try these by Tict:

Source: Tict , Owner

January 22, 2012

Power Pro Super 8 Slick: First Impressions

I have been lure fishing for years and until now I have only tried and used a bunch of braids. My first choice has been the TUF Line XP. A braid that I used with good success for years. A regular 4 strand braid with good castability and abrasion resistance. I had friends who used the regular Power Pro saying that it was the best braid out there. In all these years I have tried it only once on my friend's reel and I didn't see much of a difference compared to the TUF line. It was good but in my opinion not any better than the Tuf XP.
Last year, after extensive reading on the net, I decided to switch to a 8 strand braid made by Varivas (Super PE) and I was quite pleased with the smoothness and the overall small diameter of the braid. I quickly felt  the  the difference of four strands vs eight strands.The advantage of 8 strands was so clear that I decided to stick with it for my future purchases. Just when I was about to ditch the TUF line and the Power Pro, I read about the new Power Pro Super 8 Slick braid. My first thought was "If Power Pro is good, a 8 strand version must be even better". I finally placed an order over the net and this week I received my Power Pro Super 8 Slick from Cabelas

10 lb test 150 yards

It is still on the box and I haven't spooled it yet. For now I will just give my first impressions and later do a proper test on the water. I got a 10lb aqua green color spool.

Aqua Green color looks much better than the previous green.

At first look, the aqua green color is an improvement over the "old classic" dark green. It looks fresh and the color is bright enough to be seen in the water. Not as flashy as the yellow but still easy to spot in the water without scaring fishes.
The braid looks tight woven, round and neat. There isn't anything sloppy or presence of frayed fibers.

The braid is smooth.

Time to spool it on my Elf 2500.

At the  touch, I can easily tell the difference with a regular Power Pro. This things is smooth as silk. The 8 strands do really feel great. Compared to the Varivas I couldn't tell much of a difference. It is just smooth. Maybe it is a little larger in diameter than the Super PE at a similar breaking strength but still feels light and silky.

The question is how it casts and how it resists abrasion. Also wind knots are a big question. These are details that need to be checked on the field. Details coming soon...


8 yarn Spectra Fiber.
Available sizes: 10,15,20,30,40,50,65,80lb
Available colors: Hi-Vis Yellow, Aqua Green, Timber Brown and Marine Blue)
Price:   $19.99 for 150 yd (135 mt)

January 21, 2012

DUO Lures Painting Process

I like to see how my favorite fishing tackle are made. I have already posted some nice links on how Maria lures (see here) and fishing rods are made (see here). This time I have found a very interesting post on DUO's facebook page that shows how these amazing lures are painted. After reading about the painting process I understood why those lures looks so great. There is an incredible craftsmanship behind it. Many hours and skilled hands that transform a transparent plastic item in a real looking minnow.

The lures are painted with an airbrush. No wonder they look so great.

Hand made airbrushing, 5-6 coats of paints, paint masks and curing time. A DUO lures takes almost 25 minutes to get through all the painting process. Everything is done with the utmost care and dedication. About 5000 lures are painted every day. Check the whole painting process at DUO's official blog. Worth a reading.

One coat is done. Time for the paint to cure and start the second coat.

January 19, 2012

Rapala By The Numbers

Very creative video that shows some amazing statistics about the Rapala brand in the world. Impressive.

January 18, 2012

Lady vs GT

Who says that GT fishing is only for men?

Check this video from Shimano.

January 17, 2012

G Loomis Factory Tour

Ever wondered how a modern fishing rod is made? Check this nice factory video of famous rod maker G Loomis.

New trout rod from Major Craft

If you love trout fishing and you like Major Craft rods, here is some news for you.
According to the official blog of Major Craft (see here) they are ready to introduce a new trout rod named "Nextino" (a next-troutino?) that will come equipped with Fuji K guides. This is something still under development and info is scarce (and in Japanese too!). For now enjoy the pictures available and wait for something to be introduced soon.

Source: Major Craft Official Blog (Japanese)
Maker: Major Craft Official Website (Japanese)

January 15, 2012

A new hook for the Surface Tension Lure

I have talked about this amazing topwater lure here.
What didn't look right for me was the original single hook that comes standard on the lure. I have made some research and by using some creativity I have come up with a short assist hook. It is essentially a Owner Aki hook with a very short assist cord and solid ring. Now it is time to test it. If anybody has already tested this combo please send me a comment. I always look for innovation and different alternatives when it comes to hooks.

Original Hook:

This is how it looks now:

Lure Photo 13: Tiemco Sprat 130

More info here (Tiemco Official Page - English)
You can buy it here

Rockfishing Spain

Rockfishing is fun. I think that you don't need to catch a big fish in order to have fun. It is all about the fishing itself that brings joy and emotions. I do like ultralight fishing as much as I like seabass fishing. Different tackle and preys but the rod bends the same way and the reel drag can scream too.

I try to follow everything related to ultralight fishing online. My last discovery is a facebook group named Rockfishing Spain. It is mostly in Spanish but I enjoy following this group because everyday I see new posts about tackle and some cool pictures. My friend Sam is an active user of this page and I enjoy checking its latest photos and pictures of the lures he uses. He gives me some inspiration for my fishing.
If you enjoy rockfishing I recommend to give it a look.
These are some of the photos posted on the page:

Nice seabass can be caught on ultralight gear too.

Small lures and leerfish. Sometimes it happens!

Breams are great fishes to catch with small minnows.
This one got fooled with a X-Rap.
Horse Mackerel is a common fish caught with ultralight

Small minnows, jigs, grubs and bucktails. All ultralight.

Sam with a nice saddled seabream (Oblada Melanura).

January 14, 2012

Fishing Vision TV

Another interesting website I found while browsing the net.

Fishing Vision TV is Japanese fishing channel that is available only in Japan. The website has lots of info and short previews of their programs. There is however a section called "Gear Station" that offer full length videos on fishing equipment.
Basically two presenters invite a company spokesperson to introduce a product. The products range from rods to fishing jackets. It is in japanese, so it doesn't help much but you might have the chance to get a closer look to some interesting products (like the IMA video) or maybe just enjoy it because you are a Japanese Tackle enthusiast like me.
Below is the link to the page with all the videos. 

CrazyAlberto Knie

Thank to the internet and facebook I have the chance to make new friends and get to know amazing anglers around the world.
CrazyAlberto Knie is one of them. An avid angler but also a great photographer, a writer and an amazing artist with great skills and creativity. I asked his permission to publish some of his work on my blog. I think they are great.

Thanks Alberto!