December 11, 2011

Line Stretcher - Surface Tension Lure

This lure is something unique. I discovered it when I was living in the US years ago. It was recommended to me on a forum about striped bass fishing. They said that it was a topwater lure irresistible for bluefish.
I ordered some, the price was also to good to pass.
I tried it for the first time in Connecticut on a nice summer morning. It casted a mile and  I had an attack by a 2lb bluefish on my fourth cast. After a couple of more casts I got my bluefish. The lure likes a skipping type very fast retrieve. That is where it really shines. Reel in fast and the lure will skip on the water like a mullet. Amazing lure.
White 28 gr. and yellow 35 gr. models.

What is so special about the Surface Tension? The price is great, the body is indestructible made by ABS plastic. The internal wire construction is a thru-wire type. The shape is weird, doesn't look like a fish and even the eyes don't help a lot. The secret is in the middle channel that gives the lure a darting action.
It is really a great lure. I didn't have the chance to catch anything here back in Europe but I have a friend that is having great results!!! (check below). I think in Europe it would work great for Dorado, Bluefish, barracuda and leerfish.

My friend Sam with a nice Leerfish. This lure works!

It is made by an American company named Line Stretcher (nice name huh!?) and is made in the U.S.A.
It comes in 4 sizes and vivid florescent colors. The back has a single hook. I usually change it with a Owner Aki or Decoy hook. It is your choice.

3/4 oz = 21 gr.
1 oz = 28 gr.
1 1/4 oz = 35 gr.
2 oz = 56 gr.
3 oz. =85 gr.

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Henry Gilbey said...

Love the blog by the way, have put it on my favourites on my own blog page if that's ok.

Lure looks similar to a lure the South Africans use called a chisel plug. Have nailed garrick/leerfish on them in southern Angola, and had some GTs and snappers on the rounder profile ones out in the Seychelles a few weeks back. Have to crank them to get them skipping on the surface, but as you say they fly and don't break !!