December 5, 2011

Smith Shirasu Jig II

This is an interesting little jig from Smith Ltd.. It is a very small and a little curved jig that imitates some small forage fish. I have to admit that indeed looks like a juvenile fish in water. It has a rounder body than other typical  small casting jigs. It casts like a bullet and has an erratic movement during the fall. It is targeted to migratory fishes like mackerel and other small sized pelagic fishes. I would probably use it on the boat and cast it on bonito blitz as well. It is a very nice made jig. I got some good chases from local gar fishes too. I used only once and it is to early to judge but given the quality of Smith products I think we have another valid jig to add to our tackle box.

It comes in two sizes (5.5 gr. / 35mm and 8.3 gr. / 45mm) and several colors.

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