December 10, 2011

Saltwater Rusty Memories

I follow many blogs. Actually it was the pleasure of reading and enjoying other blogs that has lead me to open my personal blog on fishing.

There is one blog that I have been following for a long time and that Iwant to share here. It is named Saltwater Rusty Memories and it is written by Capitan Rusty Hook. If you are looking for a blog about tackle news, nice videos, gear reviews, interesting lures, skilled lure builders, tackle tests and so on, you can't skip this one.

"The sea is your mirror, you contemplate your soul"

The only drawback is that it is written in Italian but this should not be a problem. In facti, in my opinion, the language of fishing is "universal" and you can enjoy it without having to know any Italian. The blogs has visitors from all over the world and it keeps growing day after day.  I think the love for fishing doesn't have any boundaries. I have visitors from all over the world as well. It is all about the passion that keep us connected.

The blog has a huge amount of links.

Hats off to the Captain Rusty. He puts lots of time on this blog. I know from experience how much effort is needed in order to research and write almost on a daily basis.
Give it a look. I am sure you will enjoy it. The posts are great, the amount of fishing related links is enormous. Good work Rusty!

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1 comment:

Capt Rusty Hook said...

grazie grazie grazie di Cuore
e il prossimo anno
vedrai che saremmo online anche in Inglese ;)

grazie ancora