December 21, 2011

New lures

I have been sick lately and didn't have the chance to update the blog as I used to do.
I'll try to recover soon and write some new post soon.

In the meantime I have received some cool lures made by an Italian company named Seaspin.
I realized that Italians can do more than exotic cars and great shoes. These lures look great and I have heard good things from my fellow anglers around the Mediterrean area. Right now I am holding on my desk some of their best selling models. A long jerk named Mommotti, a shallow diving minnow, a long casting minnow and a walk the dog.

I will review them soon.

Fresh lures in the boxes.

Detail of the Pro-Q 120. An interesting WTD lure.

Mommotti 180. A long jerk minnow.

A photo I took a couple of days ago. The Coixedda 100 is a shallow running minnow.

Mommotti comes in three sizes: 140-180-190mm

This color is good for barracudas.

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