December 30, 2011

A new lure company: Jumprize

While checking my friends' blogs I ran into a new lure made by a new company name Jumprize. The name of the lure is Rowdy 130F and was developed by Yuki Inoue, a very famous japanese seabass angler and world record holder for the black fin japanese seabass.

The lure looks awesome and it is already a very demanded item in Japan. Apparently Yuji is a legend and at the same time a great lure designer being the creator of the famous IMA sasuke 140 Reppa Lure.
I think this lure has the potential to be a seabass killer in Europe and earn an high reputation among anglers.

These are the specs of the lure:

 + Length: 130mm
 + Weight: 22g
 + Action: Irregular Wobben' Roll
 + Range: 60 - 130cm
 + Hook: Owner Cultiva ST46 #4 x3
 + Price: 2310Yen

The price is quite expensive but looks like the lure is a real winner and worth checking. The lure is in short supply but I recommend to check Cloud Nine Tackle. It had a few colors in stock a couple of days ago. They are already gone but I am sure he will re-stock them soon.

You can find more info about the lure here. 

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