December 24, 2011

New Daiwa Ballistic

Today I had the chance to handle the new Daiwa Ballistic reel at my local tackle shop.
This new reel introduced by Daiwa this year, has many features that have been a trademark for the Japanese company. The design of the reel is very similar to the JDM "Freams" which has been on my radar for a long time.

My impressions:

I liked the design, the dark red metallic trim looks awesome, so does the shiny charcoal colored body.
It feels solid and after a single spin of the handle I realized that it is a very smooth reel, similar to my actual Daiwa Team Advantage.

What I did like:

I liked the dark color and the dark red ruby trims.
The reel is smooth. You can feel the digigear in there.
Waterproof drag.
High Speed Retrieve.
Light reel thanks to the Zaion Body.
Cool looking air rotor
Torx screws for the reel body

What I didn't like:
Somehow this med-high priced reel is made in China. Usually these kind of reels were made in Malaysia.
The body looks cool but on a closer look the painted surface looks a little uneven. Too plastic for my taste.

Overall a good reel. The Japanese company has improved the looks of the reels and the new features are interesting. The zaion material gives lightness but the paint job looked a little flawed.  The fact that is made in China bothers me a little. Maybe Daiwa has implemented great Q.C. over there.

I would like to compare it with the Caldia and the JDM Freams. I wish I could handle those too.

I have tried the size 4000 which is ideal for some medium-heavy fishing.

Lets check the specs:
Size : 4000
Gear Ratio: 6.2:1
Bearings: 3+4CRBB
Spool Capacity: 240mm 12lb

Main Features:
Real Four

Zaion® body and side cover 
Air Rotor 
Air Bail® 
Oil impregnated fibre seal
Waterproof drag 
Twistbuster II
UTD Ultimate Tournament Drag
Seven Ball bearings including four CRBB 
High speed retrieve 
Machined aluminium handle 
Two ball bearings on spool

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