December 17, 2011

Meiho SFC Multi Case

You already know that I am a fan of Meiho boxes. My last discovery is the SFC Multi Case model. SFC stands for System Fishing Combo and are value priced polypropylene lure boxes that come in several sizes and configurations. My favorite one is the "Multi" configuration which is the box without any dividers. 
I think a configuration without dividers gives the possibility to put more lures inside the box. You don't have a restriction on any kind of length or width. Also it is flexible enough to use it for other purposes like storing shore jigging equipment or hooks.
I use the M model for small-medium sized lures in the 7-9cm range. The L sized box is better suited for everything in the 10-14cm length. 
SFC Multi Case M size.

These boxes are tough and easy to use. The red latch and the hinges are rock solid. The price also is good.
An highly recommended tackle box. 

The SFC Multi are available in these sizes:

SS = 103x73x23mm
S= 138x77x31mm
L= 186x103x34mm

RC Fishing Rate:

You can get the Meiho SFC boxes here

Meiho Official English site is here

The M size is ideal for carrying 7-9cm lures.

This one has a DUO sticker applied on it. 

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