December 6, 2011

Jazz Lure : Bakuyto Jig II

I enjoy this small sized jigs. They catch fish but also my eyes. Small metals with vivid colors are almost a collectors items for me. I found out about this brand while "googling" around (as usual). I had the chance to order one of this  Jazz Lures jig online but didn't try it yet. What strikes me is the use of double single trout hooks on the back. Precisely it comes with Owner's S-59 hooks. I don't know how effective is compared to single assist hooks or trebles but I definitely want to try it out. It comes in several sizes: from 1.5 all the way up to 7 gr. I got the 7 gr. model as seen in these pictures. It is center balanced and you can tell but its uniform body design. The website shows 9 different color variations. I got the most colorful one.

Jazz Lures offers several jig models. Just check their website :

Double S-59 hooks. Looks like a heart.

Vivid colors and good quality.

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vehbi said...

Hi Rehacan
any result after trying them or not yet?