December 8, 2011

Cloud Nine Tackle

I had the chance or say "luck" to find about Cloud Nine Tackle while reading the blog of my  fellow friend Rusty (a great blog by the way).

It is a brand new online Japanese tackle store run by Jed Tokutomi. It opened a month ago and it has already become one of my favorites stores for my JDM tackle shopping.
There are many reasons why it gained my attention in such a short time.
First of all Jed is an avid angler with an immense knowledge on saltwater fishing and he is very kind and helpful with customers. You can ask him a question via email and he will reply you back in a short time. I give importance to this kind of "warm" relations between customer and store owner. It is not just about buying, but also about learning the products, making the right choices and sharing the experience. I enjoy shopping from C9 as much as talking before ordering. Getting advice on what gear will work or not is critical for fishing. I ask him about lines, reels, lures, hooks and he always points you to the right direction.

Neat and crisp design

Again, it is not only how Jed offers his products but also what he offers. His store is always a "work in progress" as he adds new products on a daily basis. You should check the store very often and see what he has put on his neatly designed/modern looking store. Sometimes he puts some incredible sales that last only 48 to 72 hours. It is all real, no tricks, the prices really go down for a couple of days and you get some really great bargains. Also you can find outlet products at great prices. Products that are brand new but sold without boxes.
An Outlet Item

As for products range, well, it gets better day after day. He has already added many reels from Daiwa and Shimano. Available also some nice rods from the best brands and many type of saltwater lures.
Also every product he puts on the website has a good description and personal recommendations. For instance he tells you that a certain lure will work better with a bigger hook or vice-versa. All tricks and feedback that you don't always get online.

Jed is also active online with a Facebook Page and a blog. I would recommend to follow him. This is not just a tackle shop blog, it is Jed's fishing passion. Photos of kayak fishing, nice places, new products etc. Everything is there.

Just wanted to share this great shop. If you are a JDM tackle enthusiast like myself, you will enjoy it a lot!
Thanks Jed!

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