December 13, 2011

Alle's Lures working in New Caledonia

Alessando, my fellow Italian friend/angler/lure builder/shop owner has just returned from a nice fishing expedition in New Caledonia.
Judging by the photos below we can definitely say that he had some real fun!
As a professional lure builder, Alessandro has used this trip for testing some new lures he just created, against heavyweight GTs.
He makes amazing hand-made wood lures named Alle's Lures.  
In the pictures you can see the new models named Ringpop Megamouth 180 and Megamouth 245.  These new lures are available upon special request.

No need to add more, enjoy the pics.
Alessandro's blog is here

P.S.  I need to do a fishing expedition like this!

Alessandro (left) enjoys  Giant Trevally


A real test for the Alle's Lures

Nice pair of GTs!

Ringpop Megamouth 245

Bicho XL and a GT

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