November 8, 2011

Viva Rockfishing!

Today I am sharing a great blog of my friend Sam from Spain. 
He lives in Minorca and spend most of his time fishing the beautiful Mediterrean sea with ultralight tackle. He loves "rockfishing" and if you check his blog you will understand why. 

Rock Fishing! Spain

The blog opens with a great phrase: ""En la pesca no se necesitan grandes peces para obtener grandes sensaciones" which roughly translates " In fishing you don't need a big fish in order to obtain big sensations". I think he is correct. Just check the fishes he catches with his ultralight Yamaga Blanks rod and 1000 size Shimano reel.  Small breams, rockfishes but sometimes very nice leerfishes and even dorados. All taken with the ultralight setup and lures such as small jigs, 4 cm minnows, 5 cm poppers, tiny softbaits and everything we can define as micro sized. Fishes that bend the ultralight rod to the limit but that offers amazing sensations! 
The pictures are also very nice. He adds some artistic filter and make them look great!
Very nice blog! rated A+

A 55cm Leerfish!

Rapala X-rap and a nice sized bream. I love Minorca!

A nice Dorado on a 1-8gr. rod!? Why not!

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Sam Bosch said...

Thank you very much Rehacan!!!!