November 11, 2011

SHOUT! For Your Big Dream!

If you are looking for some heavy duty jigging terminal tackle and jigs, you cannot skip this amazing Japanese company. SHOUT! is a company specialized in jigging (both vertical and shore). They offer high quality products such as jigs, hooks, assist cord, heavy duty split rings, solid rings, PE knot tools, bag and different accessories for the hardcore jigger.
I personally use their assist cord, jaco hooks for shore jigs and the small, very effective Dangan series casting jigs.

This is how the company describes itself, very striking and poetic nonetheless!

"Each of us has his own hopes and own dreams in life.Some of us choose a life of fishing,
and put a part of ourselves into it.
As if possessed by a force welling up within us, 
we put all of our hearts and souls into battle against the spirit of the sea.
A man bears the burden of yesterday’s failures on his back, and prays that today be the day for revenge.
He continues to visualize the giant fish unseen by the eyes,
and focuses all of his day’s energy there upon.
He has faith in his tackle and tools to make happen, 
and the time shall come when his dream is to be realized.
Yet the dream never ends, and the time spent pursuing 
the dream is filled with knowingness of being alive.What a lucky man!
Now is the time to challenge your own limits and redefine your own boundaries.
To jiggers everywhere chasing after the dream of the spirit of the sea, 
to make possible today what couldn’t be achieved yesterday: Shout! 2011."

Official page is here :  SHOUT!

Dangan Jigs. A classic for shore jigging.

My favorite one for 40-60 gr. casting jigs.

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