November 5, 2011

Owner Trebles: ST-46 vs. ST-41

In one of my previous posts I have written about the owner treble hooks and the difference between the series and hook bends. Owner actually has two different designations for their treble. In some models the straight bend hooks has a code that finishes with a "6" and the curved ones with a "1". For instance ST-31/36 and ST-41/46.

Below is a picture that shows the difference.

The ST-46 features round bends and straight Super Needle Points.

The ST-41 features round bends and curved Cutting Points™.

More info here: Owner Treble Hooks (USA)


Anonymous said...

What does the the first number refer to? Does it refer to size of the treble hook?

RC fishing said...

The first number refers to the strength of the hook. It starts from 1 and goes up to 7. ST-46 is stronger than ST-36. ST-56 is stronger than ST-46. You get the idea. Usually the 46 is a medium strength treble that comes standard in many seabass lures.