November 6, 2011

Major Craft Trapara

The Trapara is the latest addition to the wide family of Major Craft rods.
It is a low-budget trout rod in line with the Basspara (bass fishing) and Solpara series (seabass, eging, rockfish, shore jigging)
The rod, judging by the pictures, is as usually well made with a nice aesthetic and in this case a beautiful brown blank and quality cork.  Probably a "made in China" model, but with great Quality Control and workmanship.
A good price for a rod that seems to be another winner for the Japanese Rod maker.
Looking forward to ordering one.

Official page is here: Major Craft Trapara

Detail of cork handle

Spigot Joint

Fuji Aluminum "O" Oxide Guides.

The Trapara lineup includes 6 different rods for different uses. Blank action is medium.
Casting rage from 0.8 - 3 grams to 1-4 grams. Length is from 6ft to 6.6 ft.

Street price is in the 6.700 and 7.100 YEN range.


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