November 20, 2011

JDM Tackle

In the past, in order to buy anything from Japan we had to rely mostly on some stores located in Japan. It all changed with the arrival of JDM Tackle,

Located in California USA, JDM Tackle is both an online and brick and mortar store that offers high quality JDM tackle, especially for jigging and offshore fishing, to all anglers worldwide.
You can find almost all the famous Japanese brands known for quality. Some names? Duo, Owner, Maria Japan, Carpenter, Decoy, Shimano, Evergreen, Megabass, Decoy, Shout, Smith, Varivas and so on.
The articles ranges from high end jigging rods to reels, lures, accessories, gear, snaps, swivel and everything you need for your fishing adventures both offshore and inshore.
JDM Tackle offers great products at great prices and the best part is that it has many international shipping options for fast and easy delivery. A very important feature.
The owner of the shop, Randy is a fantastic guy who is always available for your questions and inquiries.

Another great online store for JDM fanatics that needs to be checked. A+

Also make sure to check the actual store virtually from this page.

Link to JDM Tackle

JDM bags and gears.

Great selection of poppers.
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