November 2, 2011

A friendly online shop: PLAT

"We sell Japanese fishing tackle to the world wide anglers". This is the slogan you see at the top of PLAT's online fishing store.
I discovered PLAT back in 2008 while "googling" around the web. It was the first time that I was coming in contact with a online store offering Japanese products to overseas customers. The store had many cool hard to find items and I was very pressed to try and place an order. Those hard to find jigs and lures were too nice to pass on. At first I was reluctant, but in the end, I placed my order and after a couple of days I received everything packaged to my doorstep.
After that order PLAT has become my favorite store for products found in the Japanese market.

PLAT, located in Nagasaki, Japan, is still there offering many products to anglers and tackle enthusiast around the world. They have a good inventory: Rods, Reels, Lures, lines, hooks, terminal tackle, DVD's, magazines, accessories, etc.
The offerings range from saltwater vertical jigging to trout fishing. As a saltwater lure fisherman I spend most of the time in the saltwater fishing department.

The site is pretty straightforward. The menu, items descriptions are clear and the ordering process easy.Important features like shipping costs and product inquiries are there.
They accept many types of payments, the prices can be shown in different currencies, and the whole shopping experience, including shipping, is hassle free.

Besides their offerings and user friendly site design, what impresses me is their amazing customer service. They put time and effort on your order, making sure that you are satisfied until the order reaches your home.
I think this is a way of doing business in Japan. Always focused on the customer and open for  friendly communication. Another thing is that the store employees spend time to update daily the site with products pictures and English translations.

Last, but not least, is their Garage Sale. It is useful to check the store regularly and see what they have on special sale. Also make sure to sign in to the newsletter which is good for following the new offerings.

This is pretty much a review for this online store. I wrote this because most of the items you will see written on my blog are mostly coming from them. They basically introduced me to the world of JDM tackle.

Thanks to PLAT for offering Japanese Tackle to the world wide anglers. I think their slogan says it all.


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