November 7, 2011

DIY: How to make a light assist hook

This blog is about lure fishing and shore jigging. Since I like using my shore casting jigs with assist hooks instead of trebles, I thought that a nice "how to" post about making assist hooks would be appropriate for this blog.
Below is a simple guide to make a size 1/0 assist hook for medium sized (50-70gr.) jigs. For hooks up to size 1/0 I like using light cords (80-100lb) and Owner hooks SJF-41. (flat head instead of an eye)
I hope it helps :)

1. For this assist hook I choose an Owner SJF-41 size 1/0
2. As for assist line a Shout 80lb 

3. Hook and assist line ready to go.
4. We start by splicing the line and taking out the core.
5. A splicing tool is needed for the job.
6. I insert the tool inside the assist line.

7. Decide on the length of the assist cord and take the tool out at the desired point.
8. Using the tool, take the extremity of the cord and pull it inside the point of entry as shown in the pic.

9. Once pulled inside should look like this.

10. Pull it till it comes out at the other side.
11. Cut the excess cord. Now insert the point of the hook  at the desired  length.

12. As shown above.

13. Ready to wrap.

14. Fix the hook with a vise and start wrapping the cord with a fly tying strong thread.
15. I use a fly tying bobbing.

16. Keep wrapping and cut the excess line.
17. After a nice wrap, secure the thread and cut it.
18. Add a small amount of cement to secure the thread.

19. I use a shrink tube for better protection. Also looks better.
20. Insert the tube and heat it with a heat gun or  hair dryer.

21. Ready to go. Job done.

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