November 25, 2011

Bay Ruf Manic 115

This is a lure that I'd really like to try. I am fond of lipless lures and pencil baits in general. I use the Maria Blues Code with success for seabass and bluefish. I think that the creativity in the retrieve can make the difference.
The Bay Ruf Manic 115 is a lure that reminds me of the Maria BC but with a more interesting shape and an action that looks to be less subsurface and more erratic. The straight retrieve produces a tight rolling movement. Looks like a small mullet on the run.

This Manic needs to be tried and reviewed. I'll definitely get one and write another post about it in the future.

This is what DUO says about the lure:

-The Manic Movement
The lure’s buoyancy, weighting, volume, and body shape have all been delicately adjusted. The action created by this sensitively balanced lure is a tight rolling only; there is no wobbling or sinusoidal action. The rolling action is so tight that some anglers will not even think it is moving; rest assured it does leave a vibrant wake even at the slowest retrieval speeds.
-Wake Performance
As soon as you initiate retrieval, the lure will float to the subsurface and create a exquisite wake. The tight rolling action will add a weak but unique swell in the V shaped wake, appealing more efficiently to the game fish.
-Casting distance
By moving the hook-eye from the tail section of the body, the lure was left with an aerodynamic pointed end. It has amazing castability for its size.
-Irregular action
With some twitching and jerking of the rod, the lure performs an irregular action reminiscent of bait-fish on the surface. A creative angler can find myriad uses for this lure.

These are the specs:


Here are two cool video about the Manic.

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