November 11, 2011

Amazing Photos and Fishing = Nicola Zingarelli

I first met Nicola Zingarelli on an internet forum quite a few years ago. He is literally what I always wanted to be in this life: a sport fisherman, a guide, an outdoor writer and a very skilled photojournalist. His articles and photos are just stunning and I spend some time visiting his websites. He also owns a website dedicated to saltwater popping and jigging ( which is quite popular on an international level.

What can I say more? He does what most of us would love to do for a living and with his photos and beautifully crafted words takes us to amazing fishing journeys and amazing places. 
In consider him an important figure in today's fishing industry.
Thanks Nicola for dedicating your time and effort to what we love most and  for sharing all these with us.


In the meantime, some of his amazing photos. 

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