October 14, 2015

Shoreline Shiner Z LH (LUNKER HUNTER) 150F-HD

Daiwa's shoreline shiner minnow is without doubt one of the best selling minnows that has been around for many years. I read somewhere that millions were sold during the last decade and that continues to be a very demanded lure that with many followers all over the world.
Now I see this new version on the Daiwa official website and I am already eager to put my hands on.
The new model is an "Heady Duty" version of the Shiner Z that will target the famous Hira Suzuki seabass or other types of pelagic that scout the shore.
What is so special about the HD? Well basically is a beefed up version with 1.2mm thru wire , strong ST-56 hooks, 150mm of length for an hefty 35.5g weight.
The product page states (according to my trusty Google Translate) that thanks to the  HGS system it has a casting range of 66 meters.
This is a very nice looking and robust minnow that can be used on all those situations where we need some distance and security in case we chase some big seabass or pelagic.

For more information you can check here.

Source: Daiwa Japan


Andy said...

Excellent lure to use both form the shore and the kayak, RC. Use it both casting and trolling, it'll work really well :)

RC fishing said...

Thank you Andy :)