October 15, 2015

Japan Fishing Stores

After my post about fishing stores in Tokyo (see here) I have received many comments and emails from anglers looking for more information and some advice.

After my visit to Tokyo I had the chance to go to Osaka and Kyoto as a tourist. As usual I spent one full day looking for the best fishing shops available in the area. I will write a report about those stores very soon here on my blog. I can recommend two stores in Osaka and one big in Kyoto. This would be a great start :)

Keep tuned


KnB said...

I have found your blog helpful last year, when I went to Shibuya stores. Even so, I could not do very well, because of the language barrier. I am going again next month and will visit Kyoto. Looking to buy Line System Wax Dango line, but cannot find it listed anywhere, apart from the manufacturer (Line System) and they do not answer my emails to them. Does anyone have any suggestion or help to locate and buy this line?

RC fishing said...

@KnB you can definitely check taikobo in Kyoto. I can give you more details if you want. It is a 3 floor big fishing store worth checking. Just 3 stops from Kyoto Station.


KnB said...

Thanks. We will be staying in Shinjuku for a couple of weeks and also travelling around a bit, so hopefully I can find a store which sells the line. Still no response from Line System Mfg re where to buy. If you can give some details of a few stores near to where I will be, that would be great. We will stay in Kyoto for a couple of days as well.

RC fishing said...

Happy for you, Shinjuku is a very nice place to visit :)

On Linesystems website there is a list of shops that are "supposed" to carry the products. Please have a look. With some google translate and google map you should be able to find most of them.

the shop in Kyoto is this one:

Just three stop south of Kyoto Station.

KnB said...

Hello RC fishing. I tried 5 different stores in Shinjuku/Shibuya area and got no help from anyone for Line System Float nylon line. Last try was the Fishing Eight store at Umiya. What a massive store!!! At first they couldn't find the line I was looking for, but telephoned Line System and located it. The details I had were of the "old model" and they had the new line with a different name. They could not have been more helpful. Great service. Thank for YOUR help. You are a champion.

RC fishing said...

KnB, very happy for you. Also very glad to know that I was able to help you :)
Those Japanese tackle stores are massive. You could spend days in it.
Tight lines!