August 13, 2014

More Shore Casting by FCLLABO

After the Shimano video I feel the need to share this long (1 hour) video by Japanese maker FCLLABO. Some nice shore casting action targeting Buri (Japanese Amberjack)

August 11, 2014

Shimano TV: Enjoy Shore Casting in Tsushima

Another nice video on shore casting by Shimano. I really like the idea of being dropped on a small piece of rock in the middle of the ocean to cast some heavy lure on yellowtails and red seabream.

Here is the link

Tackle Used:

Shimano Colt Sniper XTune and Stella SW

source: Shimano TV

August 4, 2014

GT's in Tokara Japan (Ripple Fisher)

The guys at Ripple Fisher are really hardcore anglers. All the videos they make feature some crazy fish caught in amazing places. This one is a nice GT caught in the famous Tokara Islands.
There isn't much to say. Enjoy