February 2, 2014

More on the Shimano Stella

One thing I love about Japanese brands is the attention to detail and the amount of information they share with the customer about their products.
The introduction of the 2014 Stella has already caught the attention of all the anglers in the world and now Shimano has setup an amazingly detailed page that explains all the features of the new Stella.
I love the closeup photos, the charts, the 3D drawings, comparison photos, pro staff comments and so on.

There are many words that have been introduced in the new reel: Micro Module, Free Body, E.I, Core Protect, etc.

If you are armed with google translate you can understand most of the new features. The real advantages of all these innovations will be tested and reviewed but in the meantime hats off to the marketing department for creating a quite interesting technical page

Source: Shimano Japan

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