February 12, 2014

IMA Sasuke Mini!

One of the most successful lure in the IMA range got just shrunk in 50mm mini size.
The Sasuke, which I consider one of the staple IMA lures along with the Komomo, seems to be ready to lure some aji and small predator fishes around the world. The 50mm sized Sasuke SF-50 is just 1.5g and mounts  single Owner SBL-55M size 12 single hooks (barbless). Its range is 10-40cm depth.

We will wait the see/read more about the lure in the near future. Hope to get my hands on them soon.

1 comment:

Sam Bosch said...

I have the 95mm and it's a very good lure, but the 50mm loks like amazing!!