December 21, 2013

DUO Aomasa 188: Getting Ready For Launch!

This year DUO has got some attention when introduced a special diving pencil named Aomasa 148. The pencil has been a great hit in the market. Many reports of huge fishes caught with the Aomoasa have flooded the social media and blogs.
I read many times on DUO's facebook page that the 148 was a great achievement but that a bigger size was in the works but got blocked on some developing issues. The guys at DUO are always looking for the perfect lure and they didn't want to introduce to the market a different size of lure only. The lure had to be successful as the 148 size.
After many heavy testing and R&D hours the new lure is ready for launch.

The 148 size has received very positive reviews from the anglers worldwide.

The tester Jerremy has tried many setups looking to achieve the perfect castability and action. At the end of the day those are the key elements that makes a lure successful in the market.
Now I am eager to see it in store and start reading for some awesomes fish reports.

testing with different hook setups

yellowtails love the Aomasa
Source: DUO

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