November 25, 2013

Light Game with Jackson Lures

There is something special with light lure fishing. Maybe it is the light rod, ultra thin lines and those small lures that look very cute almost like little toys. I enjoy all kind of fishing but once I get my hands on a light setup I enjoy hitting the water chasing garfish, horse mackerel and some rock fish.

Jackson has been under my radar after the introduction of the Pymgy Box series. The series is made of all the range of lures you need in a light approach: mini popper, mini minnow, pencil, vibration, shallow darter.

The prices are about right (800 YEN in Japan) and the quality is not bad. I have seen better made lures but for the price are above average.

The Shallow minnow and the Popper are the latest guys to join the family. I hope to get my hands on them soon. In the meantime check the videos below. The guy is having a blast with small barracudas and jacks. Light fishing is so fun!

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