September 8, 2013

Something New: Spybaiting Technique by DUO

In lure fishing every year we see news lures and techniques entering the market with the promise of catching more fishes. Every day you see new jigs, lures, soft-baits, retrieve techniques and so on.
Lately Japanese DUO has introduced a technique called "spybaiting" and is already taking the world of bass fishing by storm.
I am not a bass angler but this new lure/retrieve combo looks like a very interesting approach to be used with saltwater seabass. I always consider the bass and seabass close relative when it comes to catching them in mostly calm waters. Example? Well, the seabass loves biting softbaits and the bass cousin and when lurking in low salinity zones (read river mouths) you can be very successful with bass equipment.

What about the "spybaiting"?
The videos below are very good at explaining it all.
Basically the secret is in the double propeller sinking 80mm Realis Spinbait 80 minnow and the slow retrieve that has to be done very gently and slowly.

Already many magazine are covering it with many articles. Just google it and you will see many results.

My idea is to try it in calm portal zones where the seabass lurks around in deep water and is very difficult to engage with regular minnows.
I will let you know once I start some tests.

Check the videos below to fully understand the SPYBAITING.


Source: DUO Realis

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