August 24, 2013

DUO Tetra Works Pocopoco

I love all kind of lures but poppers remain one of my favorites. I can cast a big popper as a Pop Queen 130 as a small popper like the Poco Poco.

At 40mm and 3/4.7 g. (floating or siking) it is an ideal type of lure for all those fishes that we can encounter is freshwater and saltwater. With all the reports around the net I can say that the lure gets the interests of perch, trout, bass, small seabass, barracuda, bluefish, leerfish, bream and so on. In other words it got hit by the major game fishes around the world from Europe to Australia.
Casts well and the action is superb. (see video)

It is, along with the Maria Pop Queen 50mm, one of my favorites small poppers in the market.

Check the video below:

Here is what DUO says about it:

Pocopoco is a micro popper with a hollow body. 
We have created 2 models. Firstly the floating model which is suited for a more slow approach targeting Seabasses or Sea Bream. Or the sinking model which is equipped with an outstanding casting ability and able to withstand high speed twitching to target small Trevallies. You can enjoy the exciting top-water game easily and conveniently with these lures.

For more info have a look here

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