August 17, 2013

DUO Rough Trail Aomasa 148

The new pencil introduced by DUO this summer is doing very good around the world.
The facebook page is full with photos of catches made with this outstanding new lure.

Photo by Bill Heng

The Aomasa is slick looking and it catches fishes period. I know that they are working on a bigger model (Aomasa 188) and that it is still on testing stage but the little brother is already gaining the respect of anglers worldwide.

Here is a photo I got on my facebook news feed page by my friend Raul. I like this one because the fish caught is a very respectable bluefish and since I will go after bluefishes this autumn I am very excited on the idea of trying the DUO lure for some topwater action.

You can get more info on the Aomasa here: DUO AOMASA 148


Rambling Expat said...

Hi there,

Yes this is a very nice lure, I would love to try one of them.
But they are not yet distributed in Darwin...
So I guess I will have to wait...

Have a good day.

Bill Heng said...

Hi sir,

Would appreciate if you could give me the credit of taking the photo of the Aomasa.

Love reading your blog.

Thanks and cheers!

Bill Heng

RC fishing said...

Hello Bill,

Sorry didn't know it was yours. I thought it was DUO's official photo.
Anyway I am also adding your blog to my list
Thanks :)

RC fishing said...

Thanks!! Going to try them soon too!