April 12, 2013

Some Random Thoughts and Photos

I haven't been very active with my blog lately. I keep myself very busy at work and don't have much spare time to update it.
I didn't have much time to fish either and right now I am waiting the first week of May to wet some lines. Usually May is a good month here as the water warms up and the first predator fishes start getting closer to shore. Besides the seabass I also wait for the arrival of the garfish. The garfish might not be a great fish to target but I still have fun to catch them with some ultra light gear.
Last year I enjoyed catching them with some small spoons skipped fast and small minnows like the DUO Toto42 and the Storm Flutter Stick 4cm. I also had some good results using small 3-5grams mini jigs with fast retrieves. The garfish is a curious fish that likes to follow small shiny lures. Sometimes they just chase and don't bite but I realized that the faster you reel in and better it gets.
The last time I fished them my setup up was pretty simple. 0.4 braid with 6lb fluoro leader and small 00 size snap. I consider it a good introduction for the fishing season and a great way to kill some time.

Duo Toto 48. I have used the 42 and now is time to try the
bigger brother.

Another lure that I want to try is the "cousin" of the TOTO. It is the Spearhead Ryuki made again by DUO. It is a lure specifically designed for trout fishing and I heard that it is  one of the best seller in Japan. What strikes me is the very slim and flat profile and the high weight to size ratio.
I am a firm believer that if a lure is so good with trout it must be good for small sea predators too. I still have to try and see the difference with the TOTO that comes with a fatter profile.

Looks almost like the Toto but the profile is much thinner and flatter.

Below is my garfish tacklebox. Well I also get some aji (horse mackerel) from time to time.

A typical box for garfish. Small jig (IMA gun), DUO toto 42,
Maria Pockets minnow and pencil, storm flutterstick.

More photos

I mounted some Decoy Trebles on the Toto48

Some spoons for fast retrieving action. These are trout spoons.


niguevara_nikola said...

Hi! What's Toto 48 like in comparison to Ryuki 45s?


RC fishing said...

If you want to make longer cast and more control in currents the spearhead is better. The spearhead needs more speed during retrieve but in handles strong currents better. You should try both and see the difference yourself. I like the toto in calm waters but prefer the spearhead in windy days and situations where you have some nice current and waves.

niguevara_nikola said...

Thanks, I have ordered both! :)